What We Do

We improve the experience of patients and referrers by providing a technologically advanced platform which allows seamless radiology referral, tracking and audit thus ensuring safe completion of the entire radiology patient journey.

blue and silver stetoscope

Reduce Patient Risk
Enhanced identification of missed appointments, missing reports, and urgent report transfer reduces risk of patient harm with auditable pathway record of the entire patient journey.

Measure and Improve Performance
Performance assessment is critical for development of best practices within an organisation and can lead to improved patient outcomes. We provide a framework for automated assessment of key performance indicators.

Improve Efficiency
Intuitive digital radiology referral system eliminates the need for faxing, dramatically reduces time for information transfer and provides robust and timely information updates in a secure environment. Understanding the location of the patient within their radiology journey reduces clinic recall rates and improves patient satisfaction.

Xrayhub Platform

Health Industry Compliant

Our software solution is built with the latest technology supporting both GDPR and HIPAA organisational compliance.

Personalised for Referrers and Providers

Software solution tailored to provide maximum engagement throughout the patient journey

Referral Tracking

Intuitive platform allowing referrers and providers to identify gaps or delays in the patient journey and take corrective action early.


Our solution allows segmentation of the patient journey and makes audit efficient, robust and accurate.

Key Performance Indicators

Our engine can provide a framework for meaningful performance assessment in radiology and help evaluate progress of a department towards achieving its long-term goals.